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Black Sports Car

Import - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the process start?

A: We start by getting to know exactly what you're looking for. This includes, year, make, model, trim level, desired mileage, interior and exterior colour preferences, whether you're looking for right or left-hand drive, transmission preference, and must-have features.

Q: I've narrowed down my selections, what's next?

A: Our team gets to work sourcing vehicles and narrow down the options based on how closely those selections match your specifications. We then present our best available options.

Q: I've chosen from the best available options, now what?

A: It's time to agree on a budget. This includes purchasing the vehicle; insured transport on a car carrier vessel from the country of origin to port in Canada; Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) inspections, documentation and fees; Registrar of Imported Vehicles Compliance or Exemption; insured transport to our location in Sunnyside, Manitoba; maintenance and repairs required for passing a Manitoba Provincial Safety Inspection; any additional agreed upon mechanical maintenance or repair; any additional accessories such as wheels and tires or a North American spec stereo; optional warranty; additional shipping within Canada (pickup at our location in Sunnyside is always included free of charge).

Q: We've agreed on a budget, now what?

A: It's time to place an order deposit and lock in your purchase.

Q: How long does it take?

A: From the time the vehicle is purchase in the originating country to the time that it arrives in Sunnyside, Manitoba; we typically expect three to nine weeks depending on factors such as country of export and weather.

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