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Black Sports Car


TLG IMPORTS was established with a clear mission: to tackle the common hurdles encountered by both aspiring and established owners of JDM and Euro vehicles. We're here to simplify the intricate import procedures and offer top-notch options. Our primary aim is to ensure our customers enjoy a hassle-free vehicle buying journey. With a diverse inventory readily available and the flexibility to cater to custom-sourced orders, we guarantee a seamless experience.

Every vehicle undergoes a meticulous process, including CBSA clearances and inspections, RIV Compliance and Exemptions, Manitoba Provincial Safety Inspection, as well as any necessary cosmetic touch-ups or mechanical maintenance. Trust us to locate that dream vehicle you've always longed for!


Thank you for contacting TLG IMPORTS!

54 Don Valley Parkway,

Sunnyside, Manitoba,

Canada R5R0C9

+1 (204) 558-7353

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